Shelving from Astirvant Limited

Having been established for over 48 years Astirvant is uniquely placed to offer the right shelving solution for your requirements.

We have access to hundreds of standard products to make sure we fill your space effectively and offer the right look for the environment in question.

We provide shelving for all workplaces from Warehouses, Stores and Shop Floors, to Offices, Hospitals and Kitchens.

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Below is a list of the popular systems that we install regularly, but is by no means exhaustive. Each shelving has it’s own features and is often used in varied environments.

Astirack Shelving

Astirack Shelving One of our most popular shelving systems due to it’s many sizes and variations, combined with competitive pricing and availability.
Many accessories make it adaptable to most situations.
Garment hanging rails, recessed bin units, sloping shelves and dividers are just a few examples. We’ve installed this shelving in ‘front of house’ retail displays to high capacity stock room applications.
Made from a highly durable pre-galvanised steel it has an easy to assemble bolt free construction and it’s looks lend it to many environments.
Long runs are achieved cost effectively with a starter bay and as many extension bays as required (extension bays are cheaper).

Astirspan Shelving

Astirspan Shelving About as simple as it gets!
Simple, strong and cost effective shelving for medium to heavy duty applications. Medium to long spans can be achieved in one go to hold many sizes of stored product on one shelf. Tall heights no problem.
The strength comes from formed shelf beams that slot into end frames, decking is then added to the beams to create the shelf.
Shelf decking can be made up from steel shelf panels or chipboard shelves to suit the area and budget.
Long runs are achieved cost effectively with a starter bay and as many extension bays as required (extension bays are cheaper).

‘Rivet’ Shelving

Rivet Shelving Another low cost, simple shelving system with many sizes.
From light duty shelving right through to heavy duty bays; for simple storage needs you can’t beat it for price and availability.
Each shelving bay is made of four angle posts with keyhole slots, formed steel beams then slot solidly into the holes.
Chipboard shelves are then added to complete the job.
Long runs are achieved by placing shelving bays side by side and using joining plates to keep them straight.

Bolted Steel Shelving

Bolted Steel Shelving The oldest system available today but probably still the cheapest.
Angle posts, steel shelves and bracing strips are the basics.
The bolted structure means it takes longer to erect than modern shelving systems, but the resulting structure is extremely strong.
Many shelf sizes are available and long or double sided runs are no problem. A good range of accessories makes it still a versatile and relevant product. Doors, dividers and cladding are just an example.

Office shelving

Office Shelving Rounded edges and a painted finish give this steel shelving a look and feel that can go anywhere from offices and show rooms to broom cupboards and store rooms.
It’s many sizes and accessories make it ideal for all types of stored item, from cartons and boxes, to suspension files and loose items.
Suspension file cradles, pull out writing surfaces, shelf dividers and doors are just some examples.
‘open’ bays are inexpensive, whilst bays with backs offer a neater look and rear retention. Long runs are achieved cost effectively with a starter bay and as many extension bays as required (extension bays are cheaper).

Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelving A truly simple and versatile shelving system, suitable for any modern environment. The chrome wire structure gives high strength with good looks and the added benefit of air and light circulation where required.
Chrome wire shelving consists of four chrome posts with the chrome wire shelves simply sliding over the posts to be positioned at the desired height.Many shelf sizes and a range of chrome wire accessories make this shelving system multi-functional.
Castors are easily added to posts to make mobile chrome wire trolleys.

Archive Storage and Document Storage

Archive Shelving High density document storage is a must these days and we have many shelving systems that will do this.
Archive storage can be on a large scale in a dedicated space, or equally, you may be trying to cram your document storage into every available space.
Contact Astirvant with the size of archive box your storing, where your storing them and how frequently you need access to your archive boxes and we’ll offer you the best document shelving to suit.

High Density Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving Also known as movable shelves, movable shelving amongst other things, mobile shelving offers the highest density of storage in a given floor space.
Huge blocks of shelving have only one aisle to gain access, and this aisle is moved via steering wheels at the end of each run of mobile shelving.
Mobile shelving is a system of mobile bases, mounted on a heavy duty track, and we then use the shelving system most suitable for the product being stored. Often it is document or file storage, but equally it can be for machine tools for example.

Which shelving system do I need?? – Let Astirvant advise you.

Office shelving, catering shelving, industrial shelving, hospital shelving, pharmaceutical shelving are all example ways of looking for what you need, but some of the shelving we’ve mentioned above suits multiple environments.
We also have some specialist shelving systems to suit specific applications, either way please just give us a call, tell us what you are storing and where - we’ll point you in the right direction.

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